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Green Candidates Welcoming Committee

This is a group of people who welcome the coming flood of new candidates. Please join us.

When a new progressive candidate declares they are running, we want to provide them with a warm welcome, so there is a lot of work to do.  First we ask them what party they are running as?  Often they are shy about that.  Then we tell them about the various resources available to help them. @GPUSCCC is the official committee responsible for helping them.    Their state party can provide them with legal guidance, networked support and their database.  @Jonathan_Ufi is free a political consulting willing to advise them on messaging and strategy. The Young Ecosocialist causus is vibrant and has an active BaseCamp server.  

Then there is a lot of typing to do.  We introduce them to @GPUSCCC,  We add them to Green Maps.  We invite them to their state party Facebook groups and introduce them to the others there.  If there is a state Slack, Discord or basecamp server, we invite them there.  We add them to the Candidate Twitter support Group DM and introduce them.   We add them to their  state party Twitter Group DM and introduce them.  We tweet out introducing them to their other known state party members.  We give them access to our growing database of Green party supporters. 

We also need to educate them about what they are up against.  We explain that @HowieHawkins, and @MdmRobinHood had been kicked from Twitter. (Howie was later reinstated, but less well known MdmRobinHood lost her 3,000+ followers.)  We explain that the Howie campaign suffered from a cyber attack during the ballot access period.  We explain our belief that progressive content is throttled by the MSM.   We tell them that my numbered and therefore auditable tweets have been deleted, and so they should also  join our Discord server  as a backup. We tell them about the other Disccord servers they should join.  We ask them if they want  a free instant website, , or would they prefer to attend a ghost training class  and manage their own web server. We introduce them to the newsletter and explain how it works, why it is important, and how to use it. We to introduce them to @Jonathan_Ufi and recommend his political consulting services. We ask them to join this welcoming committee.

Is it all that easy? Well no. Often things go wrong. There was a wonderful progressive candidate who was running with the people's party in Pennsylvania. The People's party is not democratically run. And Pennsylvania is the second strongest Green Party state. So better to run Green. It took months to recruit him to the Green Party, but eventually we did succeed.

We also do not want to overwhelm them.  Best if only one step is done each day, and if it is done by a different person.  That will show them how strong and supportive the Green Party is. 

Accordingly, I invite you to join the Green Candidates Welcoming Committee.  I also encourage everyone to join  


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