Stephen Boyle

Stephen Boyle is running as a #WriteInCandiate for Detroit Police Commission in District 3.

Office:  Police Commission
Location:  Detroit, MI District 3
Party:  Green Party
Election Date:  2020-11-03
Twitter:  @StephenBoyleNow
Phone:  313-757-2619
Address:  17904 John R, Detroit MI 48203


Stephen Boyle’s past 10 years have brought him through the Occupy Detroit Movement, then through many grassroots efforts to lift the voices of those not commonly heard. I’ve witnessed many challenges in the district I live and across Detroit. I hope you’ll see through my platform a voice of experience as an ally, and that I’m committed to carrying your voice on many issues as a representative.

For reference I’ve ran for the following political offices:

  • Detroit City Council for District 3 (2021) – a nonpartisan office
  • Michigan Legislature for the 3rd District (2020)
  • US Congress for Michigan’s 14th District (2014)

I’m also offering some blog posts so you come to know me better. These aren’t all political, but they will hopefully give you a sense of my character.

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