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Recommended Voting Lists

Recommended Voting Lists

The logic is now correct  for recommending voting lists.  You can see it working on California.   The idea is on the national map, we see national candidates.  On the state map we see all state candidates.  On the local party pages, we only see the candidates you can actually vote for.  Endorsed non-green candidates can show up here. 

CA put their candidates into the local parties.  Then all the candidates showed up on the 
CA, page, but in the local party, you only see the candidates you can vote for.  That would be presidential candidates, state-wide candidates (senator, governor) and local candidates.  So we now can have endorsed voting list.  It can include non-Green candidates.  This means that the maps now serve 3 different functions. 

1. Maps
2. A Directory
3. Recommended Voting Lists


This required a new region object. 

Sacramento, Yolo County, Monterrey, and Alameda County. 

are regions with no local parties.  They do not show up on the map. 


Candidates go inside of them. 

The candidates  show up on the CA page.

The regions do not show up. 

Those candidates do not show up inside of the wrong local parties. 


All is good. 

Quite a complex piece of logic, but the effect is very powerful.  With some more data entry,  can now recommend progressive voting lists for every county in the country.  Please let me know if you are interested in using this functionality in your favorite state. 

Built using the  Forest Map Wiki