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Green Party of Pennsylvania

Organizations supporting Medicare For All

Here is a map of organizations supporting Medicare For All. It started with the Green Party, and is now expanding to cover all organizations. Please click into your state and add your organization.

Green Party of Pennsylvania

WebPage :
Twitter:  @greenpartyofpa
Facebook Page
Facebook Group
Focus:  State Green Party
Phone:  7178392395
Address:  P.O. Box 59524 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102

Local Parties

Sunrise Philadelphia
March On Harrisburg on Twitter March On Harrisburg
Pittsburgh Ranked Choice Voting on Twitter Pittsburgh Ranked Choice Voting Facebook Group Pittsburgh Ranked Choice Voting
Delaware County Green Party on Twitter Delaware County Green Party
Wyoming County Greens
Westmoreland County Green Party Facebook Group Westmoreland County Green Party
Montgomery County Green Party on Twitter Montgomery County Green Party
Luzerne County Green Party
Lehigh Valley Green Party on Twitter Lehigh Valley Green Party
Lancaster County Green Party on Twitter Lancaster County Green Party
Lackawanna County Greens
Green Party of Wayne County Facebook Group Green Party of Wayne County
Green Party of Philadelphia on Twitter Green Party of Philadelphia
Green Party of Erie County
Green Party of Butler and Venango County
Green Party of Allegheny County on Twitter Green Party of Allegheny County
Chester County Green Party on Twitter Chester County Green Party
Centre County Green Party
Bucks County Green Party on Twitter Bucks County Green Party
Berks County Green Party
Armstrong County Green Party


Ward Allebach
Abigail Hunter
Lorriane Stangl Burgess
Kearni Warren on Twitter Kearni Warren
Richard L. Weiss  on Twitter Richard L. Weiss
Lorianne Burgess
Andrew Moses Yanez Oliva
Ben Campman
Barbara Laxon
Connor Mulvaney on Twitter Connor Mulvaney
Christina E. Olson on Twitter Christina E. Olson
Jay Sweeney
Jay Ting Walker on Twitter Jay Ting Walker
Richard Weiss on Twitter Richard Weiss

Elected Officials

Jay Sweeney
David Kennedy
William Pilkonis
Paul Notwick
Kristin Combs
Kerry Foose
Julia Zion
Jim Keller
Jay Ting Walker on Twitter Jay Ting Walker
Ethan Leatherbarrow
David Kurzweg
Dave Ochmanowicz
Cem Zeytinoglum
Tara Yaney

Social Media

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  Green Party of Pennsylvania

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