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North Dakota Green Party

North Dakota Green Party

North Dakota Green Party

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Focus:  State Green Party
Address:  North Dakota

North Dakota Green Party

Thank you for your interest in getting involved in North Dakota.

The Stein/Baraka campaign was on the ballot in 2016 receiving over 3,500 votes! We are working to get on the ballot in North Dakota in 2018 and 2020 via a petition drive. Depending on how 2018 candidate do, we may retain ballot access for 2020 without re-petitioning.

We are looking for people to help coordinate our statewide ballot access efforts in North Dakota or in their region/county. Please contact one of our ballot access leads below.

North Dakota Ballot Access Coordinator
None. Please email if you are interested.


Social Media

It is alleged that Facebook and Twitter throttle our traffic, so please try the alternatives. Follow Uncensored News on Mastodon, join the Unofficial Green Party Discord Server or use the subscribe button below to connect by email. Better yet, send me a personal email.

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  North Dakota Green Party

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