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Medicare 4 All Messaging

Medicare 4 All Messaging

How to pitch M4A to wealthier communities.

There’s a few angles to take when approaching more affluent folks about M4A. 1) Better, more comprehensive coverage - Since this isn’t about getting people care, but bettering the care they get, ask about where the gaps in coverage are w/neighbors, whether they have any financial cliffs wrt deductibles. 2) Changing dynamics, at home & with your provider - I knew quite a few families where 1 parent would take a meh job w/better health care while the other parent took a more lucrative job with less benefits. M4A benefits travel with you, so if you’re looking at switching employers or opening up a business yourself, you won’t be stuck w/ coverage gaps or expensive COBRA coverage. This also ties into another issue that irks people - sign up, get a doctor, next year they’re out of network. No more out of network doctors! 3) Cheaper coverage - w/ negotiating drug prices as a country, plus other cost controls, expanding the risk pool, & eliminating deductibles & co-pays (because “Jesus didn’t ask for a $500 deductible/copay to heal the lepers” is a personal fave line) people, even wealthier folks making 6 figures annually, could save half or more per year on their care. (The cutoff for who saves under M4A is 330k annually IIRC)

On point 1 - remember too, M4A covers dental as well, most folks who have dental coverage have to get it outside of their primary care provider

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