Madelyn Hoffman

Running for New Jersey Governor.

Office:  Governor
Location:  New Jersey
Party:  Green Party
Election Date:  2021-11-03
Twitter:  @hoffman4nj
Phone:  (973) 876-1023
Address:  Flanders New Jersey

“It’s wrong that our political system is dominated by those who can raise the most money -- when that happens the candidates are owned by those elite donors. Now that Senator Booker will return to campaigning in New Jersey, we will pay close attention to where he gets his money and what interests they represent.”

“In contrast, my campaign will represent the people, from start to finish. I will be there in November as a progressive anti-war, anti-imperialist candidate, pushing for more grassroots democracy. New Jersey, it’s time for more choice at the voting booth and for a candidate that supports a real Green New Deal, one that confronts the billions of dollars being directed at the military budget. Which robs our cities and communities of the dollars needed to address water contamination, public education, single-payer Medicare for all, veterans’ benefits and so much more.”

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