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Comparison with Elections Database

Comparison with Elections Database

This page shows which candidates are in the GP elections database, but not in green maps.

Results Generated Just Now

Candidates Present in the Elections Database, but missing From The Map Database

Date GP Database GreenMaps
1 CT 11/02/2021 Hugh Birdsall Zoning Board of Appeals
2 CT 11/02/2021 John Escobales Board of Assessment Appeals
3 CT 11/02/2021 Jason Feeney Board of Education
4 CT 11/02/2021 Cassandra Martineau Taxing District
5 CT 11/02/2021 Phil Sengle Police Commission
6 CT 11/02/2021 Michael Westerfield Board of Assessment Appeals
7 CT 11/02/2021 Tania Abbatello Planning & Zoning Commission
8 CT 11/02/2021 James Flores Mayor
9 CT 11/02/2021 Jean de Smet Board of Finance
10 CT 11/02/2021 William Keith Kimball Board of Education
11 CT 11/02/2021 Patricia Kane Alderman
12 CT 11/02/2021 Justin Paglino Selectman
13 PA 11/02/2021 Jubalyn ExWilliams School Director
14 PA 11/02/2021 Steven Martinez Borough Council
15 PA 11/02/2021 Matthew Reitenhauer School Board

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